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What is NAATI CCL?

NAATI stands for National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.

CCL is an acronym for Credentialed Community Language (CCL).

As the name implies, CCL is an assessment of language skills in community setting, meaning you will be getting dialogues related to social and administrative activities within a community, such as conversation between a doctor and a patient. You will have to translate English dialogues into “Language Other Than English (LOTE)” and vice versa.

The best part about NAATI CCL is the five points it provides towards your Australian Skilled Migration application. Now, that’s a BONUS given the current competition for Permanent Residency (PR).


What you cannot do with this NAATI CCL score?

Although passing NAATI CCL allows you 5 extra points for Permanent Residency (PR), it does not allow you to work as a certified translator or interpreter. This test does not substitute a professional certification.


What the available languages for NAATI CCL test?

NAATI CCL is available for the following languages.

  1. Albanian
  2. Arabic
  3. Assyrian Neo-Aramaic
  4. Bangla
  5. Bosnian
  6. Bulgarian
  7. Burmese
  8. Cantonese
  9. Croatian
  10. Czech
  11. Dari
  12. Dutch
  13. Filipino
  14. Finnish
  15. French
  16. German
  17. Greek
  18. Hazaragi
  19. Hindi
  20. Hungarian
  21. Indonesian
  22. Italian
  23. Japanese
  24. Khmer
  25. Korean
  26. Lao
  27. Macedonian
  28. Malay
  29. Mandarin
  30. Nepali
  31. Pashto
  32. Persian
  33. Polish
  34. Portuguese
  35. Punjabi
  36. Romanian
  37. Russian
  38. Serbian
  39. Sinhalese
  40. Somali
  41. Spanish
  42. Swahili
  43. Tamil
  44. Telugu
  45. Thai
  46. Tigrinya
  47. Turkish
  48. Urdu
  49. Vietnamese


Who can take NAATI CCL?

The applicants who are preparing to lodge point based Australian Skilled Migration application. If you pass NAATI CCL test, you receive five bonus points for the application. These points are also known as Credentialed Community Language Points (more commonly known as ‘NAATI points’).


How much does NAATI CCL cost?

At a minimum, everyone who takes NAATI CCL must pay a mandatory $800.00. The fee is payable online when you register for the test.


How long is NAATI CCL?

The maximum time allowed is 20 minutes. When you reach the end of your


How important is NAATI CCL?

In the current competitive environment, maximising the points for Australian Skilled Migration application is crucial. Passing NAATI CCL test can set you apart from other similar candidates who are applying for Skilled Migration as you will have 5 extra points than others who haven’t passed the test.


What does NAATI CCL measure?

Your language ability will be assessed by a minimum of two examiners who will check your ability to communicate effectively in English and a LOTE.

NAATI CCL prioritizes two areas of assessment:

  1. Language Quality– your competency in both English and LOTE
  2. Language Register– the amount of formality you provide in transferring your answers, which means you are not allowed to use slangs. The language used should be appropriate for the situation.

You will have marks deduction for errors.  Typically, the errors fall under the following descriptors.

  • Accuracy (correctness of information)
  • Distortions (misrepresentation of information)
  • Omissions (removal of information)
  • Insertions (addition of information)

Each examiner will award marks individually. In situations of disagreement between the examiners about the performance of the candidate, additional examiners will assess your answers to determine the score.


How is NAATI CCL administered?

NAATI CCL tests are delivered online via the use of Microsoft Teams.


Can I take a paper based NAATI CCL test?

NAATI CCL is not a paper based test. You listen to dialogue either in English or language you are testing in. After you listen to a dialogue, you have to record your translated answer when the recording prompt is ready.


What topics are covered in NAATI CCL?

NAATI CCL uses a wide range of topic that are based in real-life

The dialogues in the test simulate real life scenario you encounter in Australian society. The main rubric is to test how you understand both languages and communicate in them. Broadly, the topics may include:

  • Business
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Immigration/ Settlement
  • Legal
  • Community
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Social Services