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Babita Pangeni

Name Language Score
Sharad Bhattarai Nepali 70
Manisha Gajurel Nepali 69
Avik Simkhada Nepali 69
Laxmi Giri Nepali 68
Dilip Thapa Nepali 68
Niraj Karki Nepali 68
  • This course is fantastic. Upon completion, you will have learned a huge set of techniques to apply in your NAATI CCL test. The available resources are very well organised and provide you with large sets of practice material.

    Alyesa Shrestha
  • Thorough, but would prefer fewer lessons by combining two or three lessons together. Sometimes, it feels that I am studying a research paper on NAATI CCL specific vocabulary. On the other hand, this is what helped me pass the exam.

    Avik Simkhada
  • Everything good. I like the fast pace as it keeps me interested. I think it is an excellent course. 1000 times better than other classroom-based NAATI CCL courses. The additional dictionaries, instruction videos and practice materials are excellent value.

    Babita Pangeni
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this NAATI CCL course, my objective was met and the course creators put a lot of thought into ensuring that various options were available to suit different learning styles. Thank you.

    Binod Pandey
  • Excellent! Well worth the price. Would highly recommend it if you are short on time to prepare for NAATI CCL.

    Dilip Thapa

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